Crowdsale phases

The Artis Aes’ team requires significant funding to develop, launch, and grow Artis Aes’ network and services. Artis Aes must develop all the software required: the referral network, user interfaces and apps, partner network, software for third-party wallets and exchanges to support the Artis Aes coin, integrations with other data storage software, tooling for web applications and blockchain software. Artis Aes must also expand the referral network to facilitate its growth to a larger scale. Artis Aes need to market its product, onboard candidates, referees and employers. Artis Aes also need to bring on key partners for its ecosystem.

In addition, Artis Aes must maintain the framework built and above all must create and manage opportunities for profitability by carrying out a series of interventions for the income-earning of artworks and artists of which Artis Aes will become a patron.

The crowdsale is divided into three phases. This is for the urgency to start the development process. NB. If the pre-ICO crowdsale campaign does not reach its above minimal capital goal, there will be a possible delay before to start the other CO phases.


Artis Aes understands the risk that early believers would be taking to participate in this sale. However, the initial phase of this sale would be rewarding for all participating investors & early believers. 

During pre-ICO only 2% of the total tokens will be issued to finalize the initial part of Artis Aes’ components on the Blockchain during the full CO and start the related actions. The pre-ICO will be used to re-phase the soft cap and the AES tokens during the following ICO and SCO.

The price of AES tokens during the Pre-ICO is 0.01 ETH per token.

The minimum purchase amount per investor is 20 AES.


Most of the proceeds from the earlier round would be invested into Artis Aes’ sales and marketing for its ICO. The amount targeted, will assure to Artis Aes that the project deliverables could be completed on time and that the Company has enough resources to support it.

The price of AES tokens during the ICO is 1/85 ETH per token.

The minimum purchase amount per investor is 10 AES.


This phase of the sale is important for two reasons. Firstly, any funds raised would speed up the development and expansion of Artis Aes’ ecosystem which would ensure that we stay well ahead of its competition. Secondly, it would enable to Artis Aes to reach out to the recruitment community to create a market buzz about its ecosystem.

The price of AES tokens during the SCO is 1/75 ETH per token.

The minimum purchase amount per investor is 10 AES.


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