Introduction to the project

Artis Aes has a very ambitious project and through the Coin Offerings is looking for people willing to share its vision, its business and its future.

To address this vision and extend its own business, Artis Aes will develop some new domains and their connected services, based on Blockchain technologies. They are:

  1. A token coin to use for the Coin Offerings and the future implementations, with a smart contract customized for art sales and a decentralized application for managing some functions related to the token coin (pseudo-stability in primis)
  2. A Decentralized Document Management System (DMS) for managing, certifying, storing and exchanging artworks documents
  3. A Decentralized Marketplace for publishing and exchanging (selling and buying) artworks
  4. A Decentralized Art Galleries System and an Art Tokenization System for presenting, promoting and financing artistic assets and productions and the related events
  5. A Decentralized Application for offering intranet services to art lovers, organize and manage events for them in connections with museums, galleries and private collectors.

What is Artis Aes today?

Artis Aes is the first business and web portal that offers at the same time consulting, mediation and buying and selling services in the art world.

So, what is Artis Aes?

  • It is a platform for investments in art heritage
  • It is a complete art banking consultancy service
  • It is an online marketplace to promote the market of artworks, using online sales and auctions
  • It is a platform for promoting artists, including the showcase of their works of art
  • It is a platform and services for organizing, provisioning and promoting exhibitions and events
  • It is a consulting services company for the evaluation and enhancement of heritage in art
  • It is an information channel of news and events related to the art world.

Therefore today Artis Aes offers custom services for identifying investment opportunities in the art world, with the objective of guaranteeing the right price for the artworks to buyers and sellers.
At the same time Artis Aes offers news and services on the art world in order to stimulate awareness and interest and disseminate art in all its manifestations: painting, sculpture, graphic art, applied art, jewellery, photography, video art, design, antiques, etc.

Development opportunities

Currently, the art market on Internet presents a number of problems and consequent development opportunities:

  1. Need of financial mediators. The classical marketplaces need banking institutions to offer services for exchanging (selling and buying) expensive assets and guaranteeing the happy conclusion of every transaction. So, the banking institutions are still the only actors that are legally adequate to offer transaction services. Here, the process of economic intermediation is the prerogative of giants such as PayPal and transaction costs are kept very high.
  2. Confidentiality. The classical systems of monetary exchange on the marketplaces do not guarantee confidentiality, because personal data are too tied to the transaction ones and the possible security breaches on the web platforms can easily cause data thefts, losses and dissemination.
  3. Excessive centralization of information. The information about artworks, artists, ownership and their changes need to be decentralized because the excessive centralization is neither secure nor democratic.
  4. Artworks authenticity process. The process of authenticity of an artwork and the enhancement and preservation of documents related to it are inconsistent and fragmented and the actors do not dialogue with the others through standard communication interfaces and protocols.
  5. Communication channels for exchanging documents. There is not an hub for surely and safety exchanging documents that relate to artworks among actors as artists, collectors, owners, vendors and buyers.
  6. Methods for financing art. The methods of financing artists and their production and conservation are few, costly and not accessible to most. Moreover, forms of micro patronage do not exist in practice.
  7. Opportunities for direct and social fruition of art. The diffusion of media and web technologies among the primary means of communication of art tends to keep its users away from artists and their works, thus the market needs parallel opportunities for direct and social fruition.

Creating decentralized platforms

The decentralization of web platforms (like the Decentralized Marketplace, the Decentralized Artists Galleries, the Decentralized Document Management System and the Art Tokenization System) is an emerging trend that is impacting the traditional web market, that till today has been dominated by famous world companies and where Artis Aes has started its own business.

Instead, artists, art lovers, buyers and sellers are increasingly looking and opting for directly dealing among themselves to bypass expenses and fees and stop the centralized markets to collect and misuse their personal and financial data. This is possible by using blockchain technology.

The Artis Aes’ decentralized platforms will provide a way for its users to promote their artworks and trade directly with each other using a peer-to-peer network, then it will be run by its users who record every transaction on a public ledger.

Anyway, trusting an anonymous person online is a major concern. That will be Artis Aes role, to make the final decision on whether or not a transaction would go through or not if there was a disagreement. The role includes that:

  • Artis Aes will handle every dispute
  • Artis Aes will be trustworthy and vigilant to prevent escrow theft and scams
  • Artis Aes will monitor the expenses, such as labour and risk, that will fall on the buyer and seller
  • Artis Aes will operate to accelerate the trust and claim management processes.

Fortunately, the creation and implementation of multi-signature consensus and transactions will make it possible to have a two-party escrow system that will help Artis Aes for fulfilling the role.

Additionally, Artis Aes will keep lists of trusted users and share reviews within the network to resolve both reputation systems and trust networks.

The future architecture

The chart above summarises the current infrastructure of the Artis Aes platform and its future extensions. Here are the main characteristics of the new architecture:

- The Artis Aes blockchain platforms will be built on the Ethereum blockchain.

- A new peer-to-peer marketplace with blockchain, that will be a rather challenging task involving a number of components specific for this technology.

- A new crypto token (Artis Aes AES), needed by the new marketplace platform and that will help to further decentralize the network and will be a way to add certain features that the other crypto generally lack.

- The smart contracts for the management of the AES, when developed, will have management functions in order to try to stabilize it and therefore for its attractiveness with respect to the needs of the art market.

- A Decentralized Document Management System, with the aim of a systematic review of architecture perception of the electronic art record.

- The new Artists Galleries platform of Aris Aes, that will be enriched primarily by the acquisition of the decentralization model.

- The implemetation of a new tokenization engine in order to finance artists' activities through separate targeted crowdfunding campaigns.

- The human dimension of the relationship between the individual and art is the basis of the business of Artis Aes. For this reason, the web platforms created by us won't neglect the need for the individual and the community to interact directly and socially with artistic production, by the realization of club-members/intranet services on the blockchain.


Market positioning and strategy

Today the majority of Artis Aes' major competitors are focused on classical market approaches, because they merely offer auctions or sales using the web as a remote alternative to the auction houses, having costs that are comparable with them. In any case, they have revenues ranging between $5 and $120 million per year.

But the art market presents other spaces where it is possible to develop and offer many new and attractive services, where Artis Aes is building its own strategic position:

  • conjugating together the marketplace with the art information
  • involving the artists in a path that starts from their promotion to the access to the market and the sales
  • opening itself to the niche artistic productions
  • offering greater competitiveness, increasing efficiency and reducing costs
  • avoiding the forced adoption of elastic search logics and simplifying and making more efficient the selection and search algorithms
  • attracting a more selected quality of artworks
  • involving art collectors and art lovers in new services of custom private events
  • offering consulting on heritages, strongly connected to the art market
  • connecting the artworks to the precious and luxury assets.

Meanwhile Artis Aes is focused on new blockchain technologies (mentioned above) where it is expanding its own vision and strategic position.

At the same time, there are other startups in the market that offer some of the services that Artis Aes intends to offer on the blockchain, that is:

  • custom smart contracts for the purchase and sale of valuable assets
  • asset tokenization
  • decentralized marketplace platforms
  • decentralized exhibitions galleries
  • decentralized file systems
  • art document certifications.

For Artis Aes, the limit of these projects is that they are offered as single, without any prospect of integration. Our paradigm shift, here, is to adopt an overall vision so that, while maintaining a modular and not monolithic structure, all the elements are of mutual service, with the same technology, with common interfaces and protocols and a homogeneous development path.

In addition, Artis Aes enters this context starting from its owned technologically consolidated platforms, from which it can evolve to enrich its portfolio of services.

That puts Artis Aes in a unique leading position as the only centralized platform that evolves on the blockchain in an integrated evolutionary project. The resulting advantage over any hypothetical or real competitor can be quantified in 1-2 years, during which Artis Aes will be able to further enrich itself with new services and evolutionary proposals.

Purpose of the Coin Offerings

The project that is the basis of this crowdfunding campaign is ambitious, important and robust. The purpose is to finance all-or-part of the new infrastructure, services and related actions.

The challenge is to put in place truly winning infrastructure and services

  • for widening the audience of users, enthusiasts and lovers of figurative art,
  • for financing emerging art,
  • for financing dissemination and meeting events,
  • for financing the restoration and income generation of valuable artworks,
  • for increasing security and the average level of authenticity of art,

for offering more effective, efficient and cost-effective payment methods.

The larger the amount collected, the greater the possibility for Artis Aes to be a leader in its own market, in a totally open and borderless environment.


The portal

ARTIS AES is the first portal that offers at the same time consulting, brokerage and buying and selling services in the art world.

Therefore we offer special services for identifying investment opportunities in the art world, with the aim of guaranteeing the right price for the artwork to buyers and sellers.



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